Review: Naked 100 American Patriots Salts

When it comes to taking pride in their e-juice and salt ingredients, it’s hard to beat the dedication of Naked 100. This e-juice manufacturing company is based out of California, USA, and is committed to creating authentic flavours with high-quality ingredients. They strive to stand apart from the competition by providing transparency in regards to […]

The Best Pod Systems of 2021

As the world of vaping continues to evolve and grow, the features that pod systems can offer have increasingly been enhanced. Designed to enhance the vaping experience for the user, the top-selling and most popular pod systems strive to surpass the competition and their older models. Now that we are firmly in the second half […]

Vaping For Beginners: What You Need To Get Started

If you’re looking to join the world of vaping, but aren’t quite sure where to start, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are a few things you need to buy when starting your vaping journey.   3 Things Beginners Need To Start Vaping   Tank and Coil This is essentially the body of your […]

Review: Illusions’ “The Prophet”

The Canadian-based e-juice company, Illusions Vapor, has been making quite the name for itself in the vaping industry. Boasting locally sourced ingredients, Illusions places an incredible emphasis on quality and high standards.   Illusions has since added over ten mouth-watering flavours to their roster, but one of their original flavours, The Prophet, continues to hold […]

The Best Coils For E-Cigarettes

The coil is an integral element of an E-Cigarette. On average, a coil should last anywhere between 2-3 weeks; however, this all depends on usage and different brands of e-liquid. For example, some e-liquids contain more sweetener than others. This sweetener tends to caramelize the coils a lot quicker, resulting in burning out the coil. […]

What’s a Lava Vape?

Lava vape is the newest craze in the vape pod system industry. In an effort to compete with JUUL, Lava2 developed a new pod system designed to work specifically with Lava2 pre-filled pods.    But for all the hype, is it even worth it? What are the features of the lava vape that make it […]

Understanding The Types of Vape Pods

Vape pods are mini vapes that consist of two main parts: a small pod in which the e-juice is contained and the battery. These two elements snap together. Vape pods are typically automatic, meaning you’ll need to drag on them to start the vapour, but some do have power buttons.   But just as there […]

Twelve Monkeys’ Kanzi: What’s the Deal?

Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. is an award-winning Canadian e-liquid company. With approximately three dozen different e-liquid flavours, this company has become a fan favourite in a short seven years.   The Kanzi flavour has established itself as a Twelve Monkeys classic, so let’s dive into what makes it so special.   Exploring Twelve Monkeys’ Kanzi […]

The Different Types of Vape Brands

There can be a lot of comfort in finding a vape brand that you like. Having confidence in the devices and e-liquids that you purchase is important, as you want to feel secure knowing that you’ll have a fun vape experience.   The number of vape brands to choose from when you first begin can […]

Types of Vape Devices: What’s the Best?

When it comes to choosing your vape device, the options and information thrown at you can be overwhelming. So how do you know which one is best for you?   We break down the types of vape devices and explain their pros and cons.   Which Type of Vape Device is Right For You?   […]