Vape Ingredients To Avoid

As a vape enthusiast, you’re probably overwhelmed with a vast amount of products to choose from. The amount of e-juice flavors you can try out can be exciting. At the same time, you do have to be cautious about what actually goes into some of these e-juice products.  Here are some ingredients that you have […]

Why Buy Twelve Money’s Mangabeys?

The Canadian company, 12 Monkeys, is known for its flavored vapes. The company primarily focuses on various blends of fruit flavors, particularly exotic fruits. As a result, you’re not going to find the same kind of flavors in other brands. Mangabeys is one of their newer products. The question is: is it worth a buy? […]

Learn About Naked 100’s Lava Flow E-Juice

Naked 100 is an e-liquid brand that is based in the US. The brand is known internationally for its specialization in tropical fruit flavor blends. Their Lava Flow e-juice is one of the more popular products in their line. But what can you expect from this flavor? Like many other products in their line, the […]

Which Brand of E-Liquid is Best?

Want to try some new e-liquid flavors but confused about which ones to go for? No worries as we have you covered. Here are some of the top brands we recommend if you’re adventurous. 1. Twelve Monkeys Being one of the top brands for e-juice in Canada, Twelve Monkeys continues to push the envelope with […]

The Aspire Breeze 2 Price in Calgary

The new Breeze 2 by Aspire is a slim and ergonomic vape that has many improvements from the original. Let’s take a quick overview of this popular vape and get an idea of how much you can expect to pay for it in Calgary. The Aspire Breeze 2 has a rectangular and sleek finish. The […]

Best Coils For Vaping

As you know, coils are an important part of your vape. It has the role of heating up the vape liquid and turning it into vapor. When buying parts for your vape, it can get confusing as to which ones you should go for. Here are some of our choices if you’re looking to replace […]

What Makes Twelve Monkeys E-Juice So Special?

More people are talking about the Twelve Monkeys e-juice brand these days. But what exactly about their e-juice makes it different from the others in the market? Here are a few things that make Twelve Monkeys special. 5 Reasons Why 12 Monkeys E-Juice is Unique  First, the company focuses on unique fruit flavors. They combine […]

Why Buy Hawaiian Pog From Naked 100?

One great thing about vaping is that the possibilities are endless. With so many flavors on the market, you have so many opportunities for experimentation. As you look at the options for e-juice, one flavor to try is Hawaiian Pog from Naked 100. The Flavor is Incredibly Distinctive When you choose Hawaiian Pog Naked 100 […]

How Does A Vape Work?

Vaping has become popular in recent years, but do you know what it is? How does it work? Here is what you need to know before shopping at a vape store in Calgary. Your Vape Has a Replaceable Cartridge You will have to buy a vape device and cartridges in order to get started with […]