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How Long Do Aspire Breeze Coils Last?

Features known as coils play a crucial role in the performance and longevity of e-cigarettes. Industry professionals have found that certain coil brands tend to stand out. However, how well vapers maintain said devices also play an important role in how long they last.

Vaping Overview

Vaping has quickly become a popular alternative to cigarette smoking.

The activity is performed using an e-cigarette. E-cigarettes consist of components, such as a cartridge, battery, and coil, which is technically referred to as an atomizer.

Vapers load the cartridge with e-juice, which is the liquid needed to produce the synthesized smoke. The battery is then connected to an outlet. Shortly thereafter, electricity powers the battery. The battery heats the coil until liquid e-juice turns to vapor. Vapers ultimately smoke the vaporized product.

Aspire Breeze Items

The vaping community has lauded Aspire Breeze products for their durability over other brands. That said, there are several specific coils produced by the company.

How Long Do Aspire Breeze Products Last?

The specific duration often depends upon the specific brand of coil individually purchased. That said, those using Aspire Breeze products maintain that most of the company’s products tend to remain in optimal working order anywhere from one to several weeks.

Signs One Needs To Change Coils?

As durable as Aspire Breeze products are, all coils eventually must be changed. Users are urged to familiarize themselves with signs indicating that replacement is warranted. Such red flags include:

  • Age

As previously mentioned, most coils can last up to several weeks. However, this period may last longer if the user vapes infrequently. As a general rule, those who vape more often will need to replace coils with greater frequency.

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  • Poor Taste
    A poor taste is a surefire sign the coil needs replacing. Some vapers first witness a burnt taste. Industry insiders urge vapers experiencing this phenomenon to change their coils immediately. Smoking on burnt out coil could permanently damage the device’s remaining components.Moreover, juice taste is another major indicator. If the subject in question is accustomed to a certain flavor tasting a specific way, major fluctuations often indicate the coil has gone bad.
  • Unusual Sounds

In most instances, the presence of gurgling sounds indicates a tiring coil’s presence.

  • Leaking

Juice leakage may occur for several reasons. However, an appreciable percentage of cases can be attributed to a faulty or aged coil.

Preservation Methods

Vapers may be able to extend a coil’s life by routinely cleaning the component, monitoring the vegetable glycerin levels of the juices used, not smoking when the cartridge contains little or no juice, and only purchasing coils made by reputably established producers like Aspire Breeze. 

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