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How To Vape

The journey to vaping superstardom has a humble beginning, like most journeys. The journey starts with learning how to vape, and then slowly progresses to finding a niche of the community that you enjoy, and improving your knowledge from there. With several niches within this community, you should be able to find something that appeals to your unique interests and talents. 

But, before all that, you have to learn to vape.

Learning to Vape

The first step in your learning process should begin with a visit to a Calgary vape shop. Here, you will be able to talk with friendly and professional staff that can advise you about the right vape and e-juice for learners. Of course, a large part of this will come down to your unique preference, but guidance can help you answer questions that you may not know you need to ask.

After you visit a Calgary vape shop, you should take the opportunity to become familiar with your new device. Read through the instructions provided, and ensure you understand the main functions. These functions should include turning on the device, filling the e-juice tank, and charging the battery. Once you are familiar with these primary functions, feel free to experiment with any additional features your device may offer, such as adjustable airflow, heat settings, and more. 

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Now that you have the device and product required, and you are familiar with their functions, the rest should be fairly self-explanatory. Practice drawing vapour from your device, and experiment with the length of time it takes for you to get a satisfactory pull. Soon, you will be generating massive cloud production and trying out new flavours. Now, it is time for you to specialize.

The Niches of Vaping

There are many niches within the vaping community, and too many to list here, but they do fall into several broad categories. One of these categories is modding your device, which involves assembling and disassembling your device and switching out different components. It has a broad appeal for people who like to work with their hands or push their equipment to its outermost limits.

Another popular niche is flavour chasing. Here, people try as many different flavours as they can, comparing brands and similar flavours to find their next favourite flavour. With options ranging from baked sweets to fruit explosions and hearty tobacco to light menthols, there is a lot to try, and the search is long. But, that journey can be the most enjoyable part. 

Finally, competitive vaping is also a large part of the community. Creating dense clouds of vapour, and attempting to do tricks during the exhale are the hallmarks of this group. With competitions across many countries, this is perhaps the most lucrative part of the vaping community.

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