• Blue Raspberry Sour Straws ejuice by Bazooka Sour Straws 60ml is a mouth quenching flavor of Raspberry Sour Straws candy sprinkled with sweet and sour sugar that will certainly bring back nostalgic memories.

    If you are a fanatic of sweet and sour blue raspberry flavor, no juice is going to satisfy your cravings more than Blue Raspberry Sour Straws e-juice from Bazooka Sour Straws. Bazooka Sour Straws knows those sugary and tart candy flavors better than anyone else. That is why each puff of Blue Raspberry Sour Straws vape juice is going to make your mouth pucker with delight while your sweet tooth jumps for joy.

    Bazooka Sour Straws’ Blue Raspberry Sour Straws eliquid delivers instant satisfaction to the taste buds with super sweet and intensely sour blue raspberry flavor. It tastes just like those straws of sour and sweet sugar dust that made our mouths water back in the day. If shamelessly sugary candy flavors are your thing, Blue Raspbery Sour Straws vape juice is for you.

    As you inhale, an explosion of seriously sour blue raspberry flavor will smack the palate on impact. On the exhale, the sweet notes of blue raspberry flavor will emerge before a final coating of sugary intensity will complete the flavor profile.

    Blueraspberry Sour Straws 60ml

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  • Green Apple Sour Straws by Bazooka Vape exemplifies the perfect recreation of the sweet and sour straw candy, with the focal flavor of sweet green apple notes for the ultimate balance between fruity, sour and sweet combination.

    Green Apple Sour Straws

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  • Strawberry Sour Straws ejuice by Bazooka Sour Straws 60ml is the lip puckering flavor of strawberry licorice garnished with sweet and sour sugar. Sweet nostalgic moments await you when you vape Strawberry Sour Straws eliquid.

    Who can resist those juicy strawberry-flavored sweet and sour licorice straws? The only thing that stops us from indulging in these candy treats daily is us being afraid of what will happen to our teeth and our waistlines. Thankfully, Bazooka Sour Straws has given us the ability to treat ourselves to that magically sugary and tart flavor all day long with Strawberry Sour Straws e-liquid.

    Strawberry Sour Straws e-juice beautifully delivers intense candy flavor that our sweet tooth craves. Strawberry Sour Straws vape juice has a strawberry licorice base that is coated in sweet and sour sugary goodness. This flavor balance hits the mark, making us want to vape Strawberry Sour Straws vape for hours at a time.

    Upon inhaling Strawberry Sour Straws juice, your taste buds will delight in extremely sweet and juicy strawberry licorice flavor. On the exhale, unapologetic tartness will make your mouth water.

    Strawberry Sour Straws 60ml

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