Review: Hawaiian Pog

Colder days are ahead now. With temperatures dropping, some begin fantasizing about whisking away to tropical destinations. You may not be able to travel to such places, but Hawaiian Pog e-liquid by Naked 100 can potentially make a good substitute. Check out our review below to see if such an e-juice in Calgary can bring a piece of tropical paradise with every inhale. 

Is Hawaiian Pog An E-Juice in Calgary Worth Trying?

Everyone has different preferences when looking for e-juice in Calgary. When reviewing Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100, the criteria consider highlighting what benefits it offers as “worth it”. A more subjective critique is quoted as a “must have” to signal the feature of this e-liquid as a requirement for a good vaping experience rather than a negative trait. After all, what one person minds, another doesn’t mind. So, see what Hawaiian Pog brings to the table here. 

Worth It: For Balanced Flavour

There is without a doubt that Hawaiian Pog’s strongest feature is its flavour. Based on a Hawaiian drink of the same name, this e-liquid doesn’t disappoint in bringing together the taste of exotic fruits. “Pog” is technically an acronym for its tropical ingredients, which include passion fruit, orange, and guava juices. Just as the drink is known for being delicious and refreshing, this e-juice perfectly captures it by balancing these flavours to create a smooth and sweet vaping experience. 

Must Have: Proper Maintenance

Hawaiian Pog comes with 65% VG and 35% PG. These are important to consider as they can dictate how to care properly and vape with this e-liquid. Since Hawaiian Pog has a fairly high VG amount, you want to use lower resistance coils when vaping this. Higher VG usually means the liquid is thick and can easily clog up coils. However, with its PG amount, it helps to carry flavour. This combined helps to achieve a better throat hit and produces a lot more vapour. So, if you’re big on making huge puffs to blow out, you should give this e-juice a shot!

Worth It: For Various Nicotine Level Availability 

Many get introduced to vaping when they’re trying to quit smoking. In these cases, it’s important to understand how much nicotine is in e-juice. Knowing what certain levels of nicotine can do makes it easier to wean off cigarettes and makes vaping easier. With Hawaiian Pog, you can choose from a good range of nicotine levels. It goes as low as 3 mg – perfect for vapers stepping down from higher nicotine levels or those who have smoked ten cigarettes daily before. For moderate smokers, 6 mg is also available. Meanwhile, newbies to vaping that were heavy smokers can enjoy this as it comes in 12mg. However, it’s not available for 0mg if you hope to cut out nicotine completely. 

The Verdict: A Tantalising Tropical E-Juice

For the most part, Hawaiian Pog is worth it. From its exotic fruit flavours, the vapour it produces is a great homage to the Hawaiian drink of its namesake. Enjoy a taste of tropical paradise and let your taste buds go on a great vacation with every inhale! 

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