Review: JC Classic E-Liquid

JC Classic e-liquid has long been an exciting favourite in the vaping community. But exactly makes this company stand out from the competition? Let’s deep dive into JC Classic.

A Breakdown of JC Classic


JC Classic was the first company to provide nicotine e-liquid in Canada back in 2009. Their goal? To recreate the smoking experience as closely as possible, just minus the actual cigarettes. It’s safe to say that they succeeded. 

Now, just over a decade later, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with within the vaping community, using only the best hardware to provide an alternative for smokers.

MTL Only

While they’re not afraid to get creative with their flavours, there is one thing they pride themselves on when it comes to consistency: their design. JC Classic e-liquids have always been created solely for mouth to lung vaping.

Real Flavours, Real Tobacco

In an effort to properly recreate the smoking experience through vaping, JC Classic only uses the best. They offer a range of the most popular tobacco flavours, from Black Cigar to Marls Tobacco, ensuring a positive experience for each vaper.

JC Classic doesn’t just limit themselves to tobacco flavours, however. If you’re searching for something a little more breezy, consider turning to their fruit, sweet, and drink options. Wanting the essence of Hawaii in a single puff? You’re set. How about the feeling of spending a day at the fair? JC Classic has you covered there as well.

Consumers First

JC Classic is driven by customer satisfaction. That’s why they strive to keep each flavour affordable without compromising quality.

The care they have for their vaping community is also why they refuse to make salt nic juices. They believe these juices to have too high of nic levels, and they aren’t willing to back down on their standards.

If you’re hoping to recreate the experience of smoking through vaping, then JC Classic is certainly a company to check out.

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