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Why is Vaping So Popular

Over the last few years, the rise in vaping has been noticeable. Thousands of people in are vaping more and more. But what has seen this rise in vaping consumption? Why are people visiting vape shops in Calgary more often? What is this craze all about? There are a few key reasons why this is happening.

Firstly, the entire purpose of e-cigarettes is to offer people a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco. Over the decades, tobacco has been branded and targeted for its poor quality, especially its overload of nicotine. So why wouldn’t people want to try a healthier option? The health risks of vaping are incredibly small compared to those of smoking with a study by Public Health England finding that e-cigs were 90% less harmful than regular tobacco. It does seem to be the better option.

On top of it being healthy, one key reason for why people are swapping from tobacco to vaping is the cost. Increasing tobacco taxes means that cigarettes are becoming more expensive than ever. While the initial cost of buying a vapor will be expensive at first, it is considerably cheaper in the long run.  All you will have to pay for is the replacement coils and the e-liquids. It will equal about $50 per month, as opposed to over $150 for cigarettes. It’s quite a saving.

Finally, what starts as a chance to save money and to adopt a healthier approach, becomes a hobby. People are finding that they want to try different equipment and different e-liquids when they are vaping. It becomes a hobby that plenty of people would like to try out because it has a never-ending challenge to it.

Go To Your Local Vape Shop in Calgary To Try Yours

If you are interested in trying a healthier alternative to tobacco, then go to your local vape shop in Calgary to try your first e-cigs. You will be surprised at how much you might actually enjoy it.

All of your vaping needs will be taken care of by the experts at Foggy Gorilla.  Happy Vaping!

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