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12 Monkeys E-Juice – 5 Flavors To Try This Year

2019 is almost over. But before the new year rolls around, you should get out to your local Calgary vape shop. Why? To squeeze in as many of these 12 Monkey e-juice flavors. Who knows? One of them could be your new favorite in 2020. 

5 Twelve Monkey E-Juices To Try Before 2020


Perhaps one of the most popular fruity 12 Monkeys e-juices available on the market. Tropika is an e-juice loaded with pleasing Caribbean fruity juices that makes you feel like you’re an island vacation. It’s pleasant, but not overpowering to your tastebuds. 


If you love the Caribbean taste that came with 12 Monkey’s Tropika, then you’ll love Mangabeys. A fresh blend of Pineapple, Guava and Mango mixes well with a variety of fruits that give you a very tropical and robust taste. If you love the fruity flavors, this combination will work wonders for you in the long-term. 

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For those that love candy flavors, this creation will satisfy you. It’s a concoction that has an array of fruits (strawberries, watermelon and a dash of kiwi), but also a hint of candy to it. It works well if you enjoy a sweeter vape hit. 

Congo Custard

Who doesn’t love custard and strawberries? If you are looking for a blended taste that encompasses sweet but balanced, then Congo Custard will work for your palate. The distinct vanilla custard flavor balances with the sweetness that comes with the strawberries. It works out perfectly for a smooth vape. 


If you love an extremely sweet vape, then this e-juice is for you. It will give you a definite hit that will wake you up in the morning. It’s a lemony fruit taste with a mixture of creamy milk. It will give you the sugar hit you need. 

So don’t start 2020 without trying out these five awesome 12 Monkey e-juices. We promise you; it will make the difference for your vaping experience. 

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