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12 Monkeys E-Juice: Best Flavors In 2019

Twelve Monkeys is a recognized vaping brand that stands out from the rest due to their diverse list of flavors. But choosing the best one from such a large selection can be overwhelming. So we have the best 12 Monkeys e-juice of 2019 that you should try.

Best 12 Monkeys E-Juices In 2019

Tasty Tropika: 

When you want a tropical fruit flavor that doesn’t overwhelm your tongue, then the Tropika is for you. A perfect blend of exotic fruits (pineapple, strawberry, coconut) will give your palate a pleasing taste, but not overpowering enough to stop you vaping. It’s like you’re on a beach vacation.

Hurling Harambae: 

Perhaps its most well-known e-juice, Harambae is the choice that Twelve Monkey fans love. A mix of tangy citrus delights, such as grapefruit, lemon, lime, blood orange, and smoothed over with guava, makes this a zesty and sharp e-juice that you will love.

Klassic Kanzi: 

A fusion of watermelon, strawberries and kiwi, will give you Kanzi – a classic amongst those with a sweet tooth. It’s a hit of fruitiness that will make you keep coming back for more. It is recognized as a “go-to” for those looking to enjoy a robust fruity hit.

O-RangZ Breakfast:

If you’re looking to break away from the fruitiness of the Twelve Monkey e-juices, then the O-RangZ e-juice is the flavor for you. Bringing together creamy milk and wheaty cereal blend to a lemony base, you will notice that this delight tastes like breakfast. It is perhaps the closest thing a vape can be to a bowl of cereal (but we still recommend that you eat breakfast).

Hakuna Matata:

With a collection of juicy apples, including Fuji and Granny Smith, mixed with a splash of cranberry, Hakuna will enlighten all your senses and add a dash of sweetness to your vaping experience. Take the Hakuna Matata approach to your Calgary vape shop and order one!

Conquering Congo: 

Do you love the taste of strawberries and cream? If you do, you cannot ignore the bountiful flavor offered by the Congo. With two different vanillas extracts and a handful of fresh strawberries, this creative blend will leave an explosive taste of strawberry custard in your mouth.

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