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4 Reasons To Purchase Aspire Breeze Coils

Aspire Breeze coils, as the name suggests, make using your Aspire Vape a breeze! The convenience of changing them out, and the difference it makes when using the auto-pull feature from the drip tip are both great reasons to give new coils a shot. We believe there are even more reasons which we discuss down below.

Four Reasons To Get Aspire Breeze

A Clean, Smooth Inhale

When you regularly replace the coils in your vape you are essentially guaranteeing the quality of your vape. Nobody likes the metallic taste that comes with old coils, and Aspire Breeze makes the changing process so simple that it’s hard to justify not replacing them. Plus, there are different varieties, like the Cleito, that further your journey to clean and rich inhales, and dense cloud formations. 

A Maintained Machine

A good spokesperson for vaping will tell you that the individual experience is based on how well maintained your device is. Replacing the tank prevents e-juice build-up; replacing the coil ensures a consistent flavor profile; changing the mouthpiece helps flavors stay separate and distinct. All of these are true, and necessary steps for the best vaping experience. 

Aspire breeze coils canada

A Delicious Experience

One of the best parts of vaping is the wide selection of flavors one has to choose from. This includes strawberry shortcake, breakfast cereals, tobacco, cigars, and every flavor in between. However, did you know that the more you change your flavors, the harder it is to maintain flavor clarity? This is because your coil builds up with different residues and “muddies” the new flavors. However, Aspire Breeze Coils make this an easy fix.

An Easy Find

As you can see, there are many reasons to purchase replacement coils, and if you’re in Calgary, there is the perfect store to help you satisfy your needs. Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop has a great selection of quality products, and all of the replacement parts for your Aspire Breeze are in stock. This brand has a great following in the vaping community, and they do their best to meet their clients demands. 

All of your vaping needs will be taken care of by the experts at Foggy Gorilla.  Happy Vaping! For any questions or enquiries contact us:

Phone: (403) 764-8273

Email: [email protected] 


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