Best E-Juice Brands Calgary

Best E-Juice Brands In Calgary

There are so many different e-juices brands out there, that when you go to your Calgary vape shop, you might be overwhelmed with choice. While flavors can vary between person to person, brand quality stands out. That is why we have nailed down five of the best e-juices brands available in Calgary.


The Best E-Juices Brands Available In Calgary

Naked 100 E-liquid

Recognized throughout Canada as the leading vaping brand, Naked 100 will give you quality like never before. Few other brands provide you with a range of flavors like Naked 100. They don’t go over the top with their flavors; instead they focus on classic and simple fruity creations that yield the best results. From Go Nanas (a creamy banana flavor) to Lava Flow (a tropical hybrid of strawberries, coconut, and pineapple), you will be able to enjoy a wide selection of mouth-inducing e-juices with Naked 100.

Milkman E-Liquids

With its excellent packaging, Milkman is one of the most popular and sought after e-juices in Calgary. If the title hasn’t given anything away yet, Milkman is all about bringing creamy and milky flavors to their e-juices. You have everything from their Original (a flaky strawberry pastry mixed with fresh milk) to Churros (a take on the classic Spanish doughnut; the flavor of fresh churros sprinkled with cinnamon sugar). For an impressive line of flavors with that hint of milk and creaminess, Milkman is for you.

Twelve Monkeys 

A Canadian classic, Twelve Monkeys, can provide you with quality e-juices that will you come to love. From cream flavors to salt nicotine options, they have a wide array of e-juices that can cater to your needs. Not only do they have nicotine-free options, but offer low-nicotine hits with many favorite flavors, coming in 3mg and 6mg. You will be able to experience a wealth of smooth flavors when your vaping with Twelve Monkeys e-juice.

Black Note

When it comes to the premium e-juice for tobacco connoisseurs, you cannot go past the exception that is Black note. Made with real tobacco by using a natural extraction process, you will get a strong, robust and authentic flavor, ranging from bold and salty to sweet. For a true tobacco fan, Black Note is the choice for you.

Beard Vape Co. 

Is there a logo and brand out there that is as iconic as the beard? Beard Vape Co is one of the most well-known brands available in the industry and has become a staple for quality. They provide a wide range of up to a thousand different flavors – all broken into numbers, such as No. 71, No. 64 and so forth. Despite the unique labelling, they have a diverse range that covers everything from savory desserts to traditional flavors.

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