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Best Milkman Flavours

The original Milkman was a huge hit in the vaping community. The original was a fruit tart that was blended with the flavors of vanilla bean ice cream. It combined fruit with a delicious milk finish. Since then, the brand has expanded its product line with many more flavors. What are the best milkman e-juice flavors in the market?


1. The Original

If you never tried the original, this is where you have to start. This is the one that made this brand famous and is still a favorite among many vapers. You get that classic milky flavor with toasted fruit tart. You can also get a good idea if you like what the brand has to offer by starting with the original.


2. Milkman Churrios

This is another milkman e-juice favorite. Churros have been a staple in the world of desserts. Everyone loves that delicious flavor of fried dough with cinnamon and sugar. If you liked the original and want something else that’s reminiscent of it, Churrios is what you try next.


3. Melon Milk

Melon flavors are quite popular in Asia. Milkman has come up with a delicious melon milk flavor that will keep you addicted. The melon blends incredibly well with the brand’s signature milky flavors. You’ll wonder why nobody came up with this flavor until now.

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4. Milkman Hazel

Do you like hazelnut coffee or lattes? If so, you’re going to love the Milkman Hazel. The flavor profile includes toasted hazelnuts, caramel, and cream. It’s going to be reminiscent of your favorite limited-time holiday lattes at your local coffeehouse. It plays well into the brand’s ability to create flavors we’re already familiar with and love.


5. Vanilla Custard

When you think of custard, you imagine a dessert that’s velvety, rich, sweet, and fulfills your craving for dairy. Milkman does a great job of recreating this classic dessert. You get a hit of vanilla that’s followed by a rich and sweet flavor you’d expect from your classic custard.


These are some of the best milkman flavors in their product line. The company’s line is quite vast, so be sure to try out their other flavors if you like what they’re bringing to the table.


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