Current Studies Around Electronic Cigarettes

When we look at electronic cigarettes and what type of research has developed in recent years, we have seen plenty of studies to come out of this field. Checking out e cigs for sale, you can decide for yourself if it’s credible to buy one or not.

Better Than Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

British researchers published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and what they learned was how an e cigarette starter kit had just as much effectiveness as replacement therapies for nicotine. In fact, researchers found that they had twice the effectiveness as nicotine gum or patches for quitting.

Worry and Hope: A Tug of War

While some research gives us hope and the new discoveries give you a reason to head to a vape shop Calgary business, you also have a couple of reasons for concern. For example, researchers published in JAMA Network Open, and they discovered how American teenagers who vaped had four times the likelihood of smoking regular cigarettes over the teenager who had never vaped.

Can You Use e-Cigs as a Tool to Quit?

When you go to visit an e cigs Calgary company, you may want to consider if e cigs for sale will be a smart purchase. One study conducted at Queen Mary University learned how it could be a good investment. When they surveyed 886 smokers in England, they found how after one year, 18 percent were able to quit smoking. That number compares to 9.9 percent who were able to quit with nicotine replacement therapy.

These are some of the current studies that researchers have been looking at with electronic cigarettes. However, we’d like to emphasize how these studies don’t have enough information to be entirely conclusive. We still need to conduct further research if we will ever be able to know the fullest benefits of e cigs.

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