Aspire Breeze 1

Differences Between Aspire Breeze 1 & 2

The Aspire Breeze is one of the mainstays in vape culture. When it comes to high quality, durability, and style this vape has the competition on the ropes. From its humble beginnings with the Aspire Breeze 1, to the total revamp and overall improvement in the Aspire Breeze 2, it continues to be a popular choice for new and seasoned vapers alike.

But how much did it change between iterations? Well, today you are going to find out.

Aspire Breeze 1 

The original Aspire Breeze already had many things going for it. The idea of releasing multiple colour options gave it a similar feeling to buying a new phone, with customizable options and a sleek, new tech design. It had the ability to use many kinds of e-juice but suffered slightly because of its small, convenient design. 

With only a 2ml capacity, it was still long-lasting, but it didn’t have the functionality to be your all-day vape. However, for its time it was still capable of holding the same battery power, boasting an impressive 0.6-ohm coil system. This meant there was a disconnect between the frequency of filling the tank, and the battery lasting through multiple refills. 

Luckily, this would change. Improvements would be made. There was a new product coming to the market and it was:

Aspire Breeze 2

Aspire Breeze 2

The Aspire Breeze 2. Keeping its predecessor’s name ensured the brand would be familiar, but the longer, bigger, better design gave it the power to hold its own against the new vapes that were being introduced alongside it. Starting with an increase to the holding capacity, the new 3ml tank gave way for a longer vape sesh without compromise. Next, Aspire wisely added several more colour options, including much-wanted patterns, like camo and rainbow. 

Plus, it became easier than ever to add a touch of class to your vaping experience with the new gold color. But the real improvements came with the mechanical components of the Aspire Breeze 2. A choice between the original 0.6 coil system and the upgraded 1.0 mah coil meant availability and power. A brand new 1000 mah battery gave way to long-lasting pulls and a vape that just would not quit, thanks in part, to the new charging port, the world-renowned micro-USB.

So, while both vapes have power, potential, and style in spades, it comes down to a choice for you, the user. Do you like the classics, or do you want to go modern? Either way, you will be happy making the choice when you go with an Aspire Breeze system. 

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