Disposable Vapes vs Kits: What’s Better For You?

When anyone starts to vape, it raises questions on what they should use to do so. Any vape shop in Calgary will recommend that first-timers go for disposable vapes. However, some newbies have also been considering vape kits instead. But, the most important thing to consider is which one is the right for you. Check out what these two offer for a vaping experience and see which one suits you best! 

Weighing Your Options at a Vape Shop in Calgary

Disposable Vapes vs Kits

What Are Disposable Vapes?

Usually a vape shop in Calgary typically recommend first-time vape users try disposable vapes. As the name implies, disposable vapes are meant for single use. They are already pre-filled with e-juice and have a fully charged battery installed. Since all components are covered with disposable vapes, you don’t need to tinker with it since you can’t change the integrated coils, and the settings are fixed. 

Pros of Disposable Vapes

  • User-Friendly: As mentioned before, disposable vapes are usually great for beginners. And one of those reasons comes from its simple design. You only need to press a button and inhale to start vaping immediately. 
  • No Upkeep: The beauty behind disposable vapes is you don’t need to worry about maintenance. It’s the perfect way to vape if you don’t want to waste your time with upkeep. 
  • More Cleanly: Since e-juice is already in disposable vapes, you don’t need to worry about the messiness of adding any more into it. 
  • Less Expensive: Based on their single usage, these are typically less expensive for the most part. 

Cons of Disposable Vapes 

  • Limited usage: Speaking of single-use, if you take long and frequent puffs, disposable vapes won’t last long. It will leave you having to throw it out a lot sooner.
  • Less e-juice options: If you’re hoping to find variety with disposable vapes, you won’t find it. What they have for e-juice flavours is rather limited. 

Note: disposable vapes are best for reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms if you’re starting to quit smoking since they usually have high nicotine levels to compensate.

What Are Vape Kits?

Other names for vape kits are pod kits or pod systems, but ultimately, they include the following – a rechargeable battery, dry tip mouthpiece, and detachable pods. From how it functions, you don’t need to throw them out. For more usage, all you need to do is recharge the battery or get more e-juice when they’re all used up. 

Pros of Vape Kits

  • More Usage: What’s great about vape kits is you can continue vaping regardless of a dead battery or no e-juice since they have a rechargeable battery – and you can get more e-juice.
  • Good Selection of E-juice: If you like to try out various flavours, vape kits offer a lot more e-juice options for you to try out. 

Cons of Vape Kits

  • Higher Maintenance: With these, you may need more components to ensure it continues working properly (e.g. rechargeable cord, coils, etc.). Plus, ensuring it’s clean since e-juice can seep in it. 
  • Needs Refilling: If you run out of e-juice, it’s your responsibility to refill it – which can get quite messy having to do so at times. 
  • More Expensive: These are naturally more expensive since they include a rechargeable battery. Plus, the long-term cost is having to pay for more e-juice to refill. 

Note: Again, if you’re planning to quit smoking, vape kits are great if you wish to gradually reduce your nicotine levels since they offer e-juice with varying nicotine levels. 

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