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Milkman e-liquid take inspiration from classic American desserts from the 1950s with flavour profiles that have revolutionized the e-juice industry. Experiencing Milkman e-juices is like tasting a blast from the past; it’s familiar, yet unique. With various collections from Milkman Classics to Milkman Heritage, Foggy Gorilla is proud to carry a vast selection of some of the brand’s most famous and most beloved e-liquid flavours. The Milkman brand maintains a commitment to high-quality ingredients and innovative flavours. Discover the taste of mom’s old fashioned baking in the smooth sensation of a satisfying e-liquid.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Milkman E-Juice


Foggy Gorilla carries every flavour of Milkman e-juice you could want to satisfy any sweet tooth. Take a spoonful of chocolate pudding or a bite out of a scrumptious blueberry pie. With flavours mimicking everything from sugar cookies to churros and chocolate cake, these e-juices represent a definite shift in taste from smooth and fruity to absolutely mouth-watering. At Foggy Gorilla vape shop in Calgary, we carry an impressive selection of e-liquids and vaping equipment and accessories. Shop for everything you need and take advantage of our awesome in-store and online promotions. Can’t decide between Churrios, Hazel, and Strudelhaus? Buy all three and get a fourth flavour for a dollar. Foggy Gorilla is your vaping destination in Calgary. 

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We pride ourselves on having great prices! Our industry-leading promotion includes 4 bottles of e-liquid for the price of 3.

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Expect supreme customer service with us. We want to help you with all your vaping needs.

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If you’re not happy, neither are we! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure your experience is positive.

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At Foggy Gorilla, we believe that shopping for e-juice is all about the experience. Our customers agree that Foggy Gorilla is more than just a vape shop; it’s a discovery. We’ve established a casual, lounge-like environment where you can experiment with new flavours of e-juice as well as find everything you need to begin your vaping discovery. Shop our incredible selection with top brands like Twelve Monkeys e-juice and Lemon Twist e-juice. The Foggy Gorilla name is spreading across the country, and we want you to be a part of the experience; take advantage of our competitive pricing, our huge selection, and our exceptional service to discover why Foggy Gorilla is the best vape shop around.