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Hawaiian Pog on Ice or Naked Unicorn?

Naked 100 is one of the most prominent e-juice brands on the market. This is because of their humble beginnings and excellent quality products. From delectable candy to fantastic fruit Naked 100’s line-up offers mouth-watering, delectable flavors from start to finish. 

Even though all of their products are delicious and worth a pull, it would be impossible to go through them all here. Instead, there will be a pit match between two of their crowd favorites; Hawaiian Pog on Ice and Naked Unicorn.

Naked 100’s Flavor Ride Hawaiian Pog on Ice

Imagine, if you will, taking one huge bite out of an orange. While the citrus coats your tongue and explodes into delicious flavor, you taste something underneath? What is that delicious flavor? It’s the sweet tropical fruit guava, and it seems to be exploding out of the center of the orange! As the juice drips down your chin, you almost feel overwhelmed by the delicious, citrus flavor mixed with the refreshing fruitiness of the guava, but then a third flavor bursts forth onto the scene! It’s the crisp and light taste of mint, pouring itself out of the rind of the orange, cooling your palette and sharpening the raw flavors of the two competing fruits. 

This is Hawaiian Pog on Ice from Naked 100, and it is an experience to behold, each and every time you take a pull from your vape of choice.

Naked 100 Calgary

Ride the Naked 100 Unicorn

Now that you’ve had some experience imagining the deliciousness of Naked 100 e-juice flavors, picture yourself as an explorer on the new continent. You have been struggling through the dense underbrush for several days, and you miss your family and homeland. But then, as you swat away a low-hanging branch, you spot something red hanging from a bush. Bending down, you see it is a bulbous-looking fruit you recognize as a strawberry. Thinking to indulge yourself after the trials you’ve experienced, you find the ripest and juiciest among the thicket, and plop it in your mouth. 

A flavor bomb has just exploded in your mouth, and the sweetness and savoriness of the strawberry coats your mouth, it’s pulpy goodness sliding down your throat, almost against your will. You grab some of the creme that you received as a gift from the locals and guzzle it down… A new flavor sensation is born! The heartiness of the creme mixes with the mild acidity of the sweet strawberry and your life briefly flashes across your eyes. Perhaps it won’t be necessary to return home so quickly.

Naked Unicorn concentrates this experience by the drop, and it will always have you coming back for more. 

It’s a difficult decision to make, and that is understandable. It would be best to try these two experiences out for yourself and make an informed decision, so check out the Naked 100 product line.

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