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How Learning To Vape Can Stop You Smoking

In February 2019, a study by Havard University indicated that vaping could stop people smoking. To conduct the test, two groups were created: one group was asked to vape, and others were asked to take nicotine patches, with both results being recorded. The study found the following: 

  • 18% had stopped smoking from the vaping group 
  • 80% of those in the e-cigarette group were still vaping, while only 9% of those in the nicotine quit. 
  • Reports of cough and phlegm production dropped more in the e-cigarette group.

Overall, the studies indicated that vaping could lead to a reduction in smoking over the long-term. 

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But how was that possible? What makes vaping help people quit smoking in the long-term? This breakdown explains it all… 

Possible Reasons Why Vaping Helps You Stop Smoking 

  • You can control the amount of nicotine you want in your e-juice in Calgary

Nicotine is by far the strongest chemical in smoking that makes it difficult for individuals to stop smoking. Vaping, on the other hand, provides people with the chance to control their nicotine content. They will be able to slowly weed themselves off it by reducing the amount each time. It has proven super effective. Just speak to a customer service representative at your local Calgary vape shop for more information. 

  • The flavor kicks out the tobacco crave

There are plenty of people out there that smoke but can’t stand the taste of it. It’s here at e-juices can help, as tasteful flavor help, people stop smoking. With a selection of e-juices in Calgary, you will be able to find something that enables you to get off the tobacco wagon. 

  • It’s healthier than other cravings

A lot of the time, people trade smoking for another additive habit, like drinking, binge eating or drugs to curb their cravings. E-cigarettes are another replacement, but it is a healthier option compared to the above. Couple that with reduced nicotine, you can see why it works. 

  • It’s much cheaper

Cigarettes are expensive, with the average expenditure over a year amounting to up to $3000. Vaping is much cheaper. The initial outlay might be pricey, but over the long term, you’ll save money. For those looking to save a penny or two, this option is a huge motivator to stop smoking. 

If you are interested in quitting smoking and taking up vaping, now is the time to do it. Speak to your local Calgary vape shop for more information. 

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