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How Much is a Coil in Vape?

Vape shop Calgary: How much is a vape coil?

As vapes have swelled in popularity amongst many demographics, it seems as though prices may have grown as well. Vaping is a smoking alternative that is healthier and sometimes cheaper. These devices are convenient to use and have on hand for those actively trying to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes. One part of the mechanics in any vape that is incredibly crucial is the coil. A coil is a wire that is wrapped around the vape’s wicking material, and the purpose of the coil is to heat the e-liquid, so it turns into vapour. Therefore, there is no vape without the coil. Those who have a lot of experience in vaping can often make their own coils through the use of homemade materials, but most coils are already within the vape that can be found at any vape shop Calgary. But how much is the vape coil itself? 

Find out everything you need to know about vape coils, how long they can last, the average price, and how to maintain a coil. 

How long does it take for a coil to deteriorate?

After purchasing a brand new coil, it should last you for about one to two weeks. It lasts for such a short amount of time because the e-liquid leaves a distinct and minuscule layer of residue when vaporized that builds up around the coil. The build-up can cost clogging around the wicks and in the device that will be noticed when you try to vape. It is recommended that you replace your coil at least once every one to two weeks, but it should be replaced sooner if you begin to experience problems with the mechanics of your vape. 

Cleaning your coil

If you own a vape that allows you to access the mechanical parts within, you should start cleaning your coil at least once a week to extend its usage and lifespan. To clean your coil, you must remove the wicks and dry burn the coil as sparingly as possible. Next, you’re going to want to detach the atomizer from your vape and hold the atomizer under running water. If you want to thoroughly clean it, use an old toothbrush to brush away any accumulated residue. Finally, you will lightly dry burn the coil once more to remove any droplets of water before placing it back into the vape. 

The mechanics of a vape
Maintenance benefits

While you may not want to put in the effort to clean the coil in your vape, it is recommended because of its benefits. Once you have cleaned it, you will notice your vape will work much better than before, as the clogging will largely subside. You will also take in the enhanced quality of flavour after rinsing out the mechanics of your vape–a taste that leaves out any unappealing residue. Cleaning the coil will ultimately expand your vape’s lifespan and can make for a better and smoother vaping experience. 

Replacement coils and cost

Cleaning your coil will ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate right away, but eventually, all coils need to be replaced. Depending on how often the vape is used, the coil can last for a bit, but on average, it will sustain itself for a week before you begin to notice clogging when trying to vape. The coils will cost you between $1 to $5, which can add up when you’re always needing a replacement. 

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