How Much is Vaping in 2022?

If you are seeking to quit smoking, vaping can be one of the many options that could be of great assistance. Vaping can be a less costly habit to assume than smoking cigarettes, though costs may accumulate if you vape frequently. The vape prices and the equipment that it can come with can be different at each vape shop in Calgary but are all affordable to buy.

Discover the information you need to know about the cost of vaping in 2022.

How much do vapes cost?

Purchasing a vape on a budget can be achieved when pursuing this smoke-alternative habit. A disposable vape can be as cheap as $10 to $15. Pod system vapes are similar, costing around $10 and can go to $30, depending on the brand and quality. Vape pens and vape kits can be a bit pricier, both costing between $15-and $60. Vapes that are durable come with e-liquid varieties and are less prone to leaking than disposables will cost anywhere from $25 to $70. If you plan to use a vape more often than not, investing in a more costly and durable vape might be best.


Vapes have a coil, a heating element, that needs to be replaced at some point. Because of this, a coil needs to be added to the cost of the overall vape. The coil typically needs to be replaced once a week, sometimes longer and will cost anywhere from $1-$7.

Vape juice

Another element that will add to the cost of vaping is the purchasing of vape juice. Vapes that require refillable e-juice will be more expensive than a vape that is prefilled with e-liquid. Prefilled devices hold about 1ml of liquid that should last the consumer about two days on average before a replacement is needed. It’s possible to purchase a bundle of e-liquids that consists of 30-60ml, which can cost around $40 for three bottles. Individual bottles containing 10ml can cost around $5-$10, depending on the manufacturer. It’s also possible to buy premium e-liquids that can be purchased for around $10-$20 or more for a 10ml bottle. 

Vaping in 2022

Other equipment 

To ensure that your vape is consistently in working condition, purchasing spare parts could be an investment that will add to the costs of a vape. Spare parts can include screws, o-rings, glass tanks, and interchangeable parts like drip tips. These parts aren’t absolutely necessary, just convenient to have on hand in case your vape needs to be an easy repair. 

Total costs

Although these costs might seem like they can add up, vaping still tends to be much cheaper than smoking cigarettes. When comparing the two, a yearly pack-a-day smoking habit can add up to almost $2400. If you are a frugal vaper, vaping can cost up to $180 for one year. Vaping costs are ultimately different based on the manufacturer and seller, but if you want to learn more, visit a vape shop in the Calgary area to ask the questions you may have!

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