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How to Do Vape Tricks

One of the most pleasant parts of vaping is the competitive tricks fandom. Although people enjoy vaping and Calgary vape shops for a variety of reasons, it is the large, vocal and supportive community of trick vapers that make this more than a habit and into an actual habit. 

But, there are still barriers to entry in this community, and one of them is knowing how to do some of the basic tricks. It might not be necessary to perform intricate smoke shows right at the start, but with perseverance and dedication, you may realize your wildest dreams. Below, we give you the tips and tricks you need to start on the road to vaping stardom, all with the help of your local Calgary vape shop

3 Vape Tricks 

1.The Ghost Hit

First up is the very basic, but very necessary, Ghost Hit. This trick is the basis for intermediate and advanced tricks, so mastering it is essential in the early stages of your training. Essentially, you want to blow out a small amount of vape cloud and then pull it back into your mouth. Follow these steps: 

  1. Take a drag from your vape and hold it in, momentarily.
  2. Push all the vapour out of your mouth in a ball shape. Practice this separately for maximum results.
  3. Suck the vapour back into your mouth
Electronic cigarette on a background of vape shop.

2.French Inhale

Next up, the French Inhale. Here, the objective is to let vapour roll up from your mouth into your nostrils and create a continuous feedback loop. For those who may dislike the terminology, this trick is also sometimes called the Irish Waterfall. 

  1. Take a hit from your vape and hold it in, momentarily.
  2. Slowly open your mouth and slightly extend your bottom jaw before releasing the vapour.
  3. Inhale through the nose.

3.The “O” Blow

Our final trick is the “O” Blow. A classic in cinema and smoke circles alike, blowing a perfect smoke ring looks stylish and slick in all the right ways. Like the previous tricks, the secret is to get the mouth positioned in the best way for the trick to succeed. For this trick, simply make the “O” shape with your mouth and then blow out. Practice practice, and you will be ready for the competition prelims!


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