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How to Prime a Vape Coil

The wide world of vaping is fabulous because there are so many interesting and nuanced parts to the hobby. Especially when it comes to Aspire Breeze coils or really any sub-ohm vape coil. The reason that this area of the hobby is so exciting, in particular, is the amount of customization and specialized knowledge that comes with it. 

This brings us to the conversation we are having today about how to prime a vape coil. What is vape coil priming? It is the process of preparing your coil for long periods of smoking and involves disassembling and reassembling your vaping unit. Learn more below.

Priming Aspire Breeze Coils

Firstly, let’s get some terminology out of the way. Sub-ohm is a term used to describe a vape coil that offers less electrical resistance than 1.0 ohm. When you use a sub-ohm coil, you reduce the draw on the battery, which gives you the opportunity for massive cloud production. Great, right? Indeed, but it also means that priming is necessary. 

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Now, we need to begin the priming process. The first step is taking your coil and screwing it into the aspire breeze coil area or the bottom of the tank. Next, you want to place a few drops of your e-juice onto the small amounts of cotton that are visible near the coil. Then, a couple of drops go through the “juice ports” located on either side of the coil. After this, you just need to assemble the tank entirely and fill it with e-juice. 

The next part might be the hardest, though. You have to wait to use your brand new vape for at least 10 minutes. This delay will ensure your e-juice fully permeates through the cotton wick, which will stop it from burning once you power on the device. Ta-da! That’s it. You have now successfully primed your vaping device, and are ready to experience the wonderful world of delicious vape adventures. Ah, but wait!

Breaking in Aspire Breeze Coils and Other Vapes

Breaking in your vape sounds a little strange, but the process is really quite simple. Essentially, the concept is a slow and gradual introduction to the power of your vape, which benefits your battery. To do this, you simply power your vape at the lowest setting and take 3 or 4 short vapes. Increase the power by 5 watts or so, and take a few more vapes. Repeat this process until you are at your desired power level, and bam! You have successfully broken in your vape. Happy vaping!

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