Menthol vs Koolada E-liquid

What is the difference between a e-liquid with menthol and a e-liquid with koolada?


E-liquid with menthol are commonly known to give a “cool” effect, just like a traditional cigarette. The biggest feature for this is that minty bite in your exhale that really makes you feel refreshed but some say they do get a slight bitter taste. Some vapers that like menthol will experience a sensation in there nose, mouth, and throat.  We currently offer a wide range of menthol e-liquid not only just a plain menthol but also fruit mixed with menthol.

Menthol E-liquid Brands:

  • Naked 100 Menthol
  • Blondies Treats on Ice
  • Deep Freeze
  • Ice Box
  • King Mix Vapor
  • 7 Daze
  • JC Classic


Koolada has become a more prominent way to offer a menthol sensation without the big minty rush and bitterness. Koolada is a little bit more subtle on the flavour and is commonly mixed with fruit e-liquid. Vapers that use koolada juices experience subtle sensations in the mouth and throat. As koolada is a bit newer to the vaping market, we have a few brands but within the near feature we hope to expand as this has been a big seller in our stores.

Koolada E-liquid Brands:

  • Sorbae
  • Twelve Monkeys
  • Chill

If you have not already we highly recommend trying out one of the two and experience the difference!


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