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Review: Illusions’ “The Prophet”

The Canadian-based e-juice company, Illusions Vapor, has been making quite the name for itself in the vaping industry. Boasting locally sourced ingredients, Illusions places an incredible emphasis on quality and high standards.


Illusions has since added over ten mouth-watering flavours to their roster, but one of their original flavours, The Prophet, continues to hold its own.


Let’s break down the hype surrounding one of Illusion Vapor’s most popular e-juices.


Reviewing Illusions’ “The Prophet”


Looking for the e-liquid version of Juicy Fruit? Hoping to capture summer in a single vape? Well, you’ve found it.


The Prophet is a delicious blend of tart blueberries, delectably sweet guava, and the unconventional choice of dragonfruit, creating the perfect balance of sweetness and fruitiness. While some e-juices lean too hard into the fruits, thus creating a too-strong or off-putting taste, this is not the case here. This satisfying flavour is super smooth and a must-try for those who prefer fruity e-liquids. 


You can tell that Illusions Vapor really took the time to create a blend that hooks people for all the right reasons. The company holds the quality of ingredients they use to a high standard, and it’s reflected in The Prophet. As with their previous e-liquids, Illusions understands how to combine flavours to make an impact. The Prophet, however, truly takes it to another level.

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If you’re worried about getting bored with this flavour, you don’t need to. Its not-too-sweet flavour sits in that sweet spot (get it?) between being dull and being too much.


In fact, The Prophet is exciting enough to add to your daily roster. If you take the time to read customer reviews, you’ll see that their obsession with this flavour is a common theme. Odds are, you’ll be coming back to The Prophet over and over again once you decide to give it a shot!


Currently, you only have the option of buying The Prophet in a 60mL size. However, there are three choices when it comes to nicotine strength: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.


Overall, Illusions Vapor has created a really special product. The Prophet has been out for a few years, so it’s had the chance to establish itself as a top-tier e-juice, and for a good reason. If you prefer fruitier flavours, this is definitely one you should try.


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