JC Purple Nurple

Review: JC Purple Nurple

JC Classic e-liquid has long been an exciting favourite in the vaping community. From fruity and sweet flavours to deeper tobacco and drink-inspired flavours, there’s certain to be something for everyone, regardless of preference. 

However, one e-juice flavour that stands out amongst their impressive collection is the Purple Nurple (try saying that ten times fast- we dare you). But what exactly makes this JC e-liquid flavour so special? Let’s explore its unique properties, and the company as a whole, below!

Exploring JC Classic E-Liquid’s Purple Nurple

The Flavour

Imagine this: you’re strolling through an Italian vineyard during late spring, allowing the freshness of the air to hug your skin while the sweetness of the wine lingers on your tongue. You feel light, breezy, with a spring in your step. Sounds nice, right?

Well, if you close your eyes, you may be able to capture such a scene after a hit of the Purple Nurple. Vibrant grape flavours mix delightfully with delicious blueberries, creating a splendidly bright and airy vape. Plus, the grape brings out an almost champagne-like characteristic, which is a wonderful addition to the overall experience.

Airy and fruity, this flavour is an excellent addition to the rotation for those who prefer something sweeter- without being overwhelming.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, however, that Purple Nurple’s flavour captures your attention and turns you into a convert. JC Classic is driven by customer satisfaction, stopping at nothing to bring a unique experience to each and every vaper. As a building block of their company, they strive to keep each flavour affordable without compromising quality.

JC Purple Nurple

The Hit

While JC Classic is not afraid to get creative with their flavours, there is one thing they pride themselves on when it comes to consistency: their design. JC e-liquids have always been created solely for mouth to lung vaping, and Purple Nurple is no different.

Nicotine Strength

JC Classic is prepared for any strength you need, with options including 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg, all available in a 120 mL bottle.

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