Review: Melon Twist E-Liquid

From the Makers of Lemon Twist e-liquid comes an explosion of vibrant fruity flavours with Melon Twist. This new line of e-liquids has been taking the vaping world by storm while reinventing the vaping experience.

Honeydew Melon Chew and Watermelon Madness are the featured players in this new line, so let’s give a quick breakdown of what you can expect from each.

Melon Twist E-Liquid Line

Honeydew Melon Chew

Twist E-Liquids has since renamed this e-juice to Green No. 1, but the product hasn’t lost what makes it stand out. Featuring a stunning combination of sweet honeydew melons and juicy cantaloupes that wonderfully compliment each other, this top seller is sure to become a favourite as soon as you try it.

This e-juice is smooth and sweet, but not too strong as to overwhelm the user, allowing you to come back to it time and time again. There’s no better place to start for those interested in playing with a fruitier e-liquid. You’re certain to find that this flavour will blow all other melon flavours out of the water.

Melon Twist E-Liquid

Watermelon Madness

We’ve got another name change when it comes to this e-liquid, as it now goes by Red No. 1. Fortunately, as with Green No. 1, it’s still got the quality ingredients to enhance your vaping experience. This e-liquid is the perfect balance of juicy, succulent watermelons and a hint of bright lemon, creating a sweet, flavourful masterpiece.

If you’d like to recreate a beautiful summer day, where your toes are dipped in the pool and you’ve got a fruity cooler in hand, then this is the e-liquid for you. Plus, with that touch of lemon, it feels as though you’re playing with a mystery flavour, thus adding a little something special to the mix. With a considerably impressive smoke production as well, Watermelon Madness is ready to bring the summer to you.

Combine Them Both

If you want to experiment with your e-liquids, this is the combo to do it with. By adding the watermelon to the honeydew, sweetness will take on a whole new meaning, while the lemon is standing by and ready to add a little kick.

Both Watermelon Madness and Honeydew Melon Chew come in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength, with a single option in bottle size: 60mL.

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