Review: Twelve Monkeys’ Hakuna

Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. has long established itself as a company that values quality and flavour. Recipient of the “Best International Brand of 2017” Award in Europe, this Canadian company continues to set the bar high and strives to deliver excellence in every e-juice.

One of their featured flavours, Hakuna, continues to make waves, despite its release over three years ago. We take a look at what makes Twelve Monkeys’ Hakuna so special.

Reviewing Twelve Monkeys’ Hakuna


This semi-sweet e-liquid is sure to have your taste buds watering. Rocking a stunning combination of Fuji and Granny Smith apples with a touch of cranberry, Hakuna both smells and tastes amazing. It is incredibly smooth and sure to live up to your expectations if you’re hoping for something refreshing, fruity, and light.

If you take the time to read consumer reviews, you’ll quickly realize that this Twelve Monkeys e-liquid has the power to convert even the skeptics when it comes to apple flavours. Plus, that lingering cranberry flavour on the exhale is truly something special.

Twelve Monkeys also recommends mixing Hakuna with Matata for a delightful secret recipe that you’re sure to return to again and again.


Twelve Monkeys does not miss when it comes to quality. In general, their e-liquids undergo the strictest of user acceptance and laboratory testing, and they place an incredibly high standard on the quality of their ingredients. That’s why Hakuna may be one of the best e-liquids you will ever try. 


Twelve Monkeys’ Hakuna is currently only available in a 60mL size, but when it comes to nicotine levels, there is a greater selection. Offering 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg, Hakuna has got you covered, whatever your preference.

Overall, Twelve Monkeys’ Hakuna is an incredibly special product that may just find its way into your daily roster if you decide to give it a try. Since its introduction, Hakuna has become a fan favourite, and for good reason. If you prefer a fruitier but not overly-sweet e-juice, then consider checking out Hakuna!

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