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The Best Coils For E-Cigarettes

The coil is an integral element of an E-Cigarette. On average, a coil should last anywhere between 2-3 weeks; however, this all depends on usage and different brands of e-liquid. For example, some e-liquids contain more sweetener than others. This sweetener tends to caramelize the coils a lot quicker, resulting in burning out the coil.


Naturally, prolonging the lifespan and ensuring the quality of your coil is an important aspect to consider.


We explore which coils are best for E-Cigarettes.


Understanding E-Cigarette Coils 



The diameter of the wire, often referred to as the gauge, can impact the performance of your E-Cigarette coil. However, the numerical value assigned to each wire isn’t reflective of the diameter.


That may sound complicated, but let us break it down.


As the gauge number increases, the wire diameter is actually decreasing. Therefore, if you have a 24 gauge, this will be thinner than a 22 gauge. However, it will be thicker than a 26 gauge.


Your choice of gauge will impact your coil’s responsiveness. Naturally, the thinner your wire (and thus larger the gauge) you have, the faster it will heat up. This is known as the “ramp-up time” and is a measurement of how long it takes for your coil to reach the temperature it needs to be at to vaporize the e-juice. 

New clapton coil mounted in the electronic cigarette

The time you want to wait may influence your choice in gauges.


An increase in gauge will also result in higher resistance. This may not be ideal for those who prefer a lot of smoke during the vaping experience, as high resistance coils create a cooler vape with less current. Low resistance coils, meanwhile, produce a warmer vapour and more clouds.



Some of the most popular materials used for coils are:

  • Kanthal
  • Nichrome
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel
  • Titanium

Deciding between these materials is once again based on personal preference. Some, like kanthal, are sturdier, while others, like nichrome, may have a lower resistance.


Any allergies to metals should also be taken into account. Nickel, for example, is a common allergy. However, simply avoiding the nickel wires may not be enough, as other wires, such as stainless steel, may include nickel content. Understanding the makeup of each material can be important when building your coils.


Ultimately, using coils in your E-Cigarettes is an experiment. Feel free to play around and see which types best add to your vaping experience.


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