Essential Parts of Vapes

Three Essential Parts of Vapes

Many people who enter a vape shop in Calgary look for one of three parts – a battery, an atomizer, or any e-liquid. These three are the main essential parts of what comprises a vape. If you don’t have one of these parts, it can compromise your vaping experience. Learn why these three parts are so integral by getting a thorough idea of what they offer here. 

Parts Found In Any Vape Shop in Calgary

Three Essential Parts Vapes

A Battery For Power

You can’t expect your vape to do anything without any juice. It’s why you can find batteries at any vape shop. Yet, various battery options depend on the type of vape you have. For instance, disposable vapes aren’t rechargeable and are meant to be thrown away when you’re done with them. In some cases, folks have found that batteries would die before they finish using their e-juice. That’s why being mindful of how much you vape and having a quality battery is important. The same logic applies to both integrated and removable batteries. Both are rechargeable. However, integrated batteries are built-in and only need recharging. Meanwhile, removable batteries are rechargeable but would need replacing if they can no longer recharge. 

An Atomizer For Absorption

Think of an atomizer as the heart of your vape. With a damaged atomizer, you won’t have the best vaping experience. You can spot the signs of issues with your atomizer with e-liquid leaks from your vape. Considering the impact it can have, what exactly is an atomizer? It’s the metal coil and wick. When the battery heats the coil, e-juice is absorbed by the wick and heated. From there, your e-liquid turns into vapour. Like batteries, atomizers can come disposable. Whenever e-liquid tastes burnt, most turn to use cartomizers since they’re replaceable or choose to clean and refill them. Meanwhile, atomizers like clearomizers can monitor e-liquid levels to see when you need more. 

Any E-Liquid For Flavour

Lastly, another crucial yet obvious part you need for any vape is e-juice. With e-juice, you can choose from various flavours depending on your preference. However, there are other things people need to consider. For instance, you need to think of vapour bases in e-liquid, like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin(VG). If you like a slightly sweeter flavour, find e-juice with more vegetable glycerin.

Meanwhile, propylene glycol provides a stronger throat hit since it’s not as thick. For the most part, it’s recommended to balance the two for an optimal vaping experience. For those quitting cigarettes, it’s good to be mindful of flavours and nicotine strength levels. Thankfully, most come in varying nicotine levels that should satisfy your cravings. The transition into vaping becomes easier once you know the right nicotine level you should have for certain e-juice flavours. 

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