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Twelve Monkeys’ Kanzi: What’s the Deal?

Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. is an award-winning Canadian e-liquid company. With approximately three dozen different e-liquid flavours, this company has become a fan favourite in a short seven years.


The Kanzi flavour has established itself as a Twelve Monkeys classic, so let’s dive into what makes it so special.


Exploring Twelve Monkeys’ Kanzi



Twelve Monkeys is known for the fruity flavours in its e-liquids, and Kanzi is no exception. This particular e-liquid is infused with strawberries, watermelon, and a hint of kiwi.



This flavour is perfect for those who prefer a sweeter e-liquid. Kanzi is marked as four monkeys out of five when it comes to Twelve Monkeys’ sweetness scale.



Twelve Monkeys carefully selects ingredients and components of the highest quality with USP grade vegetable glycerin and nicotine as the base ingredients. As a Twelve Monkeys’ flavour, Kanzi meets those expectations with no problem.



If you’re interested in exploring several flavours at once, Kanzi is included in Twelve Monkeys’ Classic package, along with twelve other flavours.



Ready for the summer? Kanzi can also come on ice. Get ready for that cold menthol blast in your vape!

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Kanzi is available as both a freebase and a nicotine salt e-liquid.


Twelve Monkeys values those blasts of flavour in their products, and Kanzi is a reflection of that. According to Twelve Monkeys’ website, this flavour is the perfect companion for winning a game of Pac-Man, so get gaming!


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