What Are the Parts of a Vape?

A good vape shop in Calgary strives to inform anyone who walks in about how vapes work. For instance, understanding the various parts of a vape is an important nugget of vaping knowledge. Yet, only some understand how each piece plays an integral role in being able to vape and the vaping experience. Understand each part of a vape here. 

The Anatomy of a Vape Explained By a Calgary Vape Shop

The Mouthpiece

Bringing up the mouthpiece as a component might seem obvious and unnecessary. Trust, if you will, that the mouthpiece has a lot more to offer. You can choose from mouthpieces in various sizes and shapes for the most part. But, why is there so much selection for it? Well, it all stems from how it affects the vaping experience by influencing the draw resistance and temperature of the vapour. 

E-Juice Cartridge

Do you know what stores your favourite e-juice? It’s the cartridge! The beauty of an e-juice cartridge is its ability to store e-liquid and allow for refills. In turn, it will enable you to experiment with various e-juice flavours. However, it’s important to note that e-liquid is usually sold separately – only a few vaporizers have them included already. 

The Battery

The battery is the literal life of your vape. Commonly, the vape battery is rechargeable – perfect for consistent, frequent usage. An important consideration is the quality of a vape battery. A low-quality one will have you charging it constantly. If you’re not a fan of always having your USB charger on hand, it’s best to ensure a vape has a high-quality battery.

The Atomizer

Think of the atomizer as the functional heart of the vape. This component is responsible for turning e-juice into the vapour you inhale. Once inhaled, it passes through the atomizer before passing through the mouthpiece. 

The Tank

You can count on the tank part of a vape to hold the atomizer component and the e-juice. Some may overlook this part, but ensuring you have a quality tank is important since it provides the functionality of the vaporizer. A bad tank is frail and prone to damage – making you unable to vape. So, you want to ensure it’s tough and durable to avoid such circumstances. 

Wick & Coil 

Inside the tank part of your vape, you can find the wick and coil. Temperature is important when it comes to these parts since they’re the ones that heat up. Typically, the temperature can range between 100 to 250°C depending on the vape type. Some vapes out there can allow you to change the temperature. Control over the temperature can help create a consistent, quality vaping experience. That’s why ensuring the wick and coil are top-notch ensures you won’t deal with any inconsistencies. However, it’s important not to heat these at too high a temperature. How come? Doing so frequently can lead them to burn out and create a bad vaping experience – thus needing to replace or fix your coil part sooner than you would expect.  

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