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What is Salt Naked E-Juice?

Over the last few years, one of the most popular e-juices has been made readily available across vape shops in Calgary. The Naked 100 Salts E-Juices are the go-to e-juices for many people that are interested in vaping with strength and power. But what has made this collection so popular with for so many vapers? We break the positives for you below.

Why People Love Naked 100 Salt E-Juices?

There are some basics on why people love the Naked 100 Salts E-Juices, including:

  • The salt nicotine juices work for pod systems with options of 35 or 50 mg/ml nicotine strengths to suit anyone’s tastes and needs
  • Reviews for the nicotine have been very satisfying from customers
  • There is also the choice of 50/50 PG/VG ratio
  • You will get to experience a higher rate of vapor, so cloud chasers will love this selection
  • A big selection of mainly e-juices that will suit everyone’s taste buds
  • The mixture

What About The List Of Flavors?

There is an abundance of quality flavors which come under the Salt E-Juices range that have proven to be vastly popular. Some of these flavors include the likes of:

  • Lava Flow, which is a strawberry, coconut and pineapple blend that aims to become a tropical flavor that brings a freshness to any vape.
  • Maui Sun; another fruity flavor that is all about blending fruits (orange, pineapple and tangerine) to create an orangey citrus vape.
  • Frost Bite; takes the sweet flavors of cantaloupe and honeydew, and adds a touch of menthol to the equation to create a fresh fruity mix.
  • Brain Freeze, is a delicious combination of kiwi fruit, pomegranates and a smooth yet cooling menthol that delivers a cool flavor to a sweet vape.
  • Really Berry Salts are a wonderful combination of berries (no shock there), including blackberry and blueberry with a trace of lemons to add a zesty taste to it.

The Bottom Line With Naked 100 Salt E-Juices

The bottom line with the Naked 100 Salts E-Juices collection is that the great line of juicy flavors, coupled with its strong nicotine salts provides a perfect balance for many vapers. If you’re looking for a strong nicotine hit, coupled with a fresh fruit taste, then this collection is for you.

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