What’s the Cost of a Vape Kit?

If you are seeking to break into the world of vaping, the wide range of options available can be intimidating. The vast scope of vaping shouldn’t be a deterrent as it can be simplistic to grasp after you find out what you like. One of the best methods of understanding what you like from vaping is purchasing a vape kit. Vape kits vary in cost, size, what equipment is included and the different vape juice that you can try. These handy kits are also carried in various vape shops across Calgary. 

Here is everything you need to know about vape kits and how they can best serve you. 

What is a vape kit?

A vape kit is designed to give everything a first-time may need when beginning to vape. These kits will usually come with a mouthpiece, coil, battery, and a tank. A vape kit will also come with various pods and e-liquid to let you experiment and discover the nicotine strength that works for you and the flavour you like best. The kit will also come with an appropriate battery to charge your vape and thorough instructions on how to use it. 

Economically sound

A vape kit is the best place to start finding what you’re looking for because it won’t break your budget. Vape kits can be purchased at a discounted rate as all the necessary items are sold together. A vape kit can give you a chance to try out different flavours and nicotine strengths and help you determine if vaping is right for you before you go spend more money on it. Some kits are also customizable, allowing you to pick and choose from an assortment of vape accessories without feeling too overwhelmed. 

If you enjoy a beginner’s starter vape kit, you are able to upgrade to another version that is more custom to what you want. Inquire about what can be customized at your local vape shop in Calgary. 

What to look for in a kit

If you are a novice at vaping, buying a starter kit is essential to get you started with the basics. When looking for a kit to purchase, you will want to get one that includes all the basic components, namely a battery and an atomizer. If you are familiar with vaping but are searching for better performance, obtaining a mod starter kit with an ohm tank might be of interest to you.


To obtain safe options, you will want a vape starter kit that isn’t just a cheap and disposable e-cig as that can easily leak, causing you more of a mess than anticipated. Cheaper e-liquids can also leak unexpectedly and may have a weird initial taste, which is why spending more money on e-liquids for quality flavour is the best idea. Finally, it would help if you opted for a vaping kit that includes overheating protection to ensure your absolute safety when vaping. 


The cost of a vape kit can vary, from a Juul pack that’s inexpensive at $15.99 to a Smok Arcfox kit costing around $69.99 that comes with a massive e-liquid capacity and water, shock and dust-proof features. Vape kits that include an abundance of features can cost between $40 and $70, while mid-level vape kits that include baseline equipment can be around $20.

For more information on vape kits, ask your local vape shop about the prices and features of each. 

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