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What is Vape Juice Made of?

There are many different varieties of e-juice in Canada. However, all of them come from the two same base varieties. Firstly, vegetable glycerin (VG) and secondly, propylene glycol (PG). Today, you can learn more about each of these by reading down below.

Canadian E-Juice Base Products

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

VG is usually rendered from types of natural fat, such as coconut, soybean, or other fat-producing vegetables. Typically, it has a sweet taste at base and is very viscous. However, it can be necessary to counteract the viscosity, which many manufacturers do by adding water to the solution. Afterwards, they add artificial flavours before bottling the product and shipping it to vape shops around the world. 

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There are many benefits to using vegetable glycerin for vape juice. As an example, the super dense vapour that vaping produces. Additionally, their viscosity can make your supplies last longer, which is beneficial for favourite or discontinued flavours. 

Propylene Glycol (PG)

The base of PG is a synthetic food additive. This is a type of alcohol, which is the same as VG products. However, some people have reservations about this type of base, as PG can also be a component in antifreeze. Overall, this problem is largely overdramatic, as they are two separate products. Honestly, the complaint would be similar to insulting someone for being too much like a banana because of the large overlap in genetic coding.

Either way, PG e-juice in Canada is also full of fantastic benefits. For instance, the advantage of using older atomizers and clearomizers. As well, some people prefer the taste and viscosity of PG e-liquids over VG. However, there is a word of caution necessary for PG, which is that some people experience sensitivity to it. Therefore, if you experience a feeling of unwellness or unease when using PG products, you should consider switching to VG instead.


The flavourings are obviously one of the most essential parts of e-juice liquids. They create the flavours that people enjoy vaping every day, and they can make the process into an entirely unique experience every time. However, they are also the largest unknown in vape juice. Typically, food-grade additives are the flavouring ingredients, but some of them may not be as safe for inhalation as they are for ingestion. 

Ultimately, you will have to request the ingredients list from your favourite manufacturers and perform the research yourself. Although if the ingredients aren’t a big concern for you, just learning about the base ingredients can certainly be enough help. 

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