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What Makes Twelve Monkeys E-Juice So Special?

More people are talking about the Twelve Monkeys e-juice brand these days. But what exactly about their e-juice makes it different from the others in the market? Here are a few things that make Twelve Monkeys special.

5 Reasons Why 12 Monkeys E-Juice is Unique 

First, the company focuses on unique fruit flavors. They combine various fruits and create a really balanced blend of flavors. For instance, their Queen Soko is a strawberry flavor with undertones of lemon citrus that gives it a robust yet vibrant flavor.

Second, 12 Monkeys has many different varieties of e-juice flavors. They have their classics that focus on classic and tropical fruit blends. Then Ice Age line of e-juices that primarily focus on tropical fruit blends with a cooling finish. They also have the Origins line for people who want simple and clean flavors.

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Third, the flavor of the e-juices tastes as natural as it can get. With many e-juice products that focus on fruit flavors, you get a really artificial taste. Sometimes it tastes great but there is a weird aftertaste that isn’t desirable. The Twelve Monkeys products provide a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Fourth, they’ve received positive reviews from enthusiasts. With many e-juices, it’s really a toss-up of what you’re getting. It’s hard to get accurate reviews from users. You end up risking your money on an e-juice flavor you may not like or even hate. There are many online reviews that you can find about the various flavors in their line.

Finally, 12 Monkeys is transparent about their lab tests. They provide test results for each of their products and do not contain illegal substances that can be harmful to users. As you may know, e-juice products with vitamin E acetate and THC have been linked to lung damage.

The company understands the importance of protecting consumers and their customers. The tests show more than the ingredient list. It includes nicotine content, carbonyls and emissions, and cytotoxicity levels. This is something that very few companies are willing to publish.

As you can see, this is one of the best brands to consider if you’re into fruit blends. Look into the Twelve Monkeys product line and give their products a try. It’s become a favorite brand for many customers.

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