12 Monkeys E-Juice

What You Can Expect From 12 Monkeys Vaping

12 Monkeys is one of the most recognizable brands in the vaping industry. Known for their careful process, 12 Monkeys don’t just make any e-juices; it strives to make the best e-juices. 

The company carefully selects the perfect ingredients and components to merge and creating popular e-juices, accumulating in four distinct varieties: Classics, Salts, Ice Age and Origins. 

As such, it has established itself as a go-to-brand for vaping in Calgary. Here is what you can expect from their e-juices

12 Monkeys E Juice

12 Monkeys Classics

The classics line has been designed for a cloud chaser who loves more nothing than inhaling stunning complex flavours, with a mouthwatering taste. With its dense vapor production, produced with VG/PG ratios ranging from 65VG to 90VG, you can thoroughly enjoy the clouds with the Classics lines. Choose from Discovery, Intelligence, Triumph, Infinity and Circle of Life Collection options. 

12 Monkeys Salts 

Based on consumer requests, 12 Monkey Salts are a vastly popular option, thanks to its intense nicotine salt flavours. Featuring a 50-50 VG/ PG ratio, vapers can now enjoy these stunning flavours without the need for added sweeteners. Vapers will feel a kick in their lungs and enjoy a smooth taste on their throats. 

12 Monkeys Ice Age  

Combining the juicy flavours that established their brand, and the icy hit that customer crave, the 12 Monkeys Ice Age selection is one of the most popular choices for people. Vapers can enjoy a cooling blast while enjoying a subtle and refreshing fruity finish. You can choose from the likes of Tropika, Mangabeys and Puris!

12 Monkeys Origins 

Designed for the everyday vaper and existing enthusiasts, 12 Monkeys Origins is a range of delicate yet simple array of flavours. All options offer a touch of sweetness, with the result being a great tasting product that lasts for ages. Best of all, they can be used with any tank or device! 

Whether for new vapers or experienced connoisseurs, 12 Monkeys will be sure to satisfy all taste buds! Visit your local Calgary vape shop today to get your bottle of 12 Monkeys e-juice. 

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