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What’s a Lava Vape?

Lava vape is the newest craze in the vape pod system industry. In an effort to compete with JUUL, Lava2 developed a new pod system designed to work specifically with Lava2 pre-filled pods. 


But for all the hype, is it even worth it? What are the features of the lava vape that make it notable? 


Let’s take a look at what lava vape is and what it’s bringing to the table.


Understanding Lava Vape



It’s rare that you can go anywhere without finding someone with a phone charger. This is great news for you since the lava vape has a USB port in it, allowing you to recharge your device and be good to go for hours.


That said, you shouldn’t find yourself in a pinch, as the device should last all day, depending on how much you use it.



Stop worrying about loose caps and spilled e-juice. By coming in pre-filled pods, your e-juice is easier than ever to refill. Each pod contains 1mL of e-juice and can easily be slipped onto the vaporizer.

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Additionally, you’ll find numerous flavours to choose from when it comes to these pre-filled pods.



A fun feature of the Lava2 pod system is that an LED light will indicate when your device is activated.



Lava vape comes in several forms, from the aforementioned pre-filled pods to single-use vape pens to e-hookas. This way, you’re not limited to a style that may not suit you.


Great For Smokers

Vaping has long been hailed as a better alternative to smoking. According to Lava2, lava vape was specifically designed for those looking to make the switch. The 1mL nic salt pre-filled pods contain 5% (50mg) of nicotine salts by volume. This eliminates the tar, smell, and tobacco that comes with smoking but leaves the satisfying vapour clouds.


Lava vape may meet the needs of some people, but may not suit every lifestyle. Speaking to a professional about the pros and cons of this device and the pre-filled pods will allow you to make a more informed decision.


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