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Why 12 Monkeys is One of the Best Vaping Brands in Canada

There are a lot of options when it comes to e-juice brands, but there are a few that could be considered “reigning champs.” One of these is the subject you will learn about today, and that brand is 12 Monkeys. Established in 2014, this brand made a big wave when it came on the market by offering unique products and catchy product names.

12 Monkeys Product Names

A great way to showcase your product is by offering unique names that get people talking and stick in their minds. 12 Monkeys is clearly aware of this with product names like “Circle of Life,” “Harambe,” “Jungle Secrets,” “Hakuna,” “Lemur,” and many more. Although, sometimes, it isn’t enough to have catchy titles because disconnected ideas that sound cool may not have the same staying power. 

Perhaps, this is why they took it a step further and gave their brand a clear identity through jungle imagery and naming schemes. As you probably noticed in the names above, the central theme of jungles is apparent and pronounced, which not only gives a unique take on the e-juice branding game, but it helps them remain prominent in people’s minds. Naturally, it is easier for you to remember the name and flavours of a specific brand when you can refer back to anything related to jungles. 

12 Monkeys Flavour Selection

Although, if you are relying on catchy names and unique branding to showcase your product, it can be a worrying sign. For instance, look at the way Google names its phone series. The Pixel series follows a numerical sequence with every new iteration, reminding people of their connection to computers and technology. However, if that were all they had going for them, their venture into cellphones probably wouldn’t have been very successful.

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Instead, the names and branding help to differentiate them from their competition, but then the more important part, quality products, comes into play. This is the same idea that 12 Monkeys have, and each of their flavours offers a unique and satisfying vape experience for their dedicated fans. 

It is this combination that makes 12 Monkeys so successful. Unique branding, coupled with delicious quality products, gives everyone the ability to stand behind their favoured e-juice supplier. Consider checking them out and experiencing their exciting flavours when you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed.  

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