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Why Buy 12 Monkeys’ Circle of Life

Of all the e-juice flavours in all the land, there are mighty knights and dukes that reign high above the rest. With such myriad offers available, finding these potent flavours can prove a challenging endeavour in and of itself. But fear not, as opportunities abound for you to find curated lists of these high-ranking individuals.

Today, you will discover one of the greatest lords in the flavour game; 12 Monkeys Circle of Life. With so prominent a name, the regalness already suggests itself, but you will come to find that there is more than the cover of this book for you to sink your teeth into. 

A Perfect “Pearing”

The most prominent flavour in 12 Monkeys Circle of Life e-juice is the simple and delicious pear. Tracing its origins back all the ways to antiquity, and then continuing further to prehistoric times, the lineage of this fruit is grand and storied. Enjoyed by millions of our ancestors from all walks and backgrounds, the pear is genuinely a food for which all must be grateful and pay deference. 

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Which is why the synthesized version of it found in this e-juice is so remarkable, and probably why so many people find it a delicious part of their vaping journey. It twangs against your heartstrings, rousing your ancestral DNA to action and reminds you of a simpler time, before flavours diluted into “complementary palettes” and “fusions.” 12 Monkeys understood the proper process with this product and managed to create a faithful rendition that almost perfectly mirrors the satisfying sensation of biting into a ripe, juicy pear.

Pre-Pear Yourself

That’s right; the puns don’t stop here. Instead, they continue to become more un-pear-able with every passing second, but don’t fret. Soon, you will recognize the authority of this pear-fect e-juice and even faster, you will realize that if you haven’t tried Circle of Life yet, you need to find a reputable supplier who can deliver this product for you. 

Consider looking through a “pear” of websites, and on one, you find no mention of 12 Monkeys or their Circle of Life flavour. On the other, however, you find a large supplier ripe for the plucking. It is almost a pear-untee that you will choose the other because, after all, you can’t deny your base urges. 

So, what are you waiting for? A pear-ssible accident that would pear-vent you from trying this flavour? Indeed, you invite pear-il to your doorstep. Pear the delicious taste and aroma of Circle of Life with a new vape, and pear down for an experience that you will not soon forget. Pear-adise is waiting for you.

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