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With all of the available flavours of e-juice, it can be difficult to find the most delicious or affordable flavour options. Plus, a large part of the vaping experience is the individual experience, and that can also play a big part in your decision. 

Are you fond of tropical experiences, or do you prefer a similar experience to traditional smoking, like cigars and hearty flavourings? Do you want a twist of flavour with every pull, or do you have a workhorse that will delight time and time again?

These are some of the questions you have to consider when looking for e-juice. At least the decision can be made simpler when you choose a trusted brand name, like Naked 100. Speaking of which, Naked 100 has a flavour that receives rave reviews time and time again. 

What flavour is it, you ask?

Naked 100’s Hawaiian Pog Experience

Naked-100 Calgary

The Hawaiian Pog flavour by Naked 100 isn’t just an e-juice. No, in fact, it is much more than a delicious flavor, it is a sensory experience. 

It helps to imagine yourself taking your first pull, as you close your eyes and drift away into ecstasy. Slowly, a jungle forms, taking shape around you. Large, emerald foliage sprouts up, and the calls of tropical birds and howling monkeys fill your ears. Ah, there is a smell upon the air. You sniff cautiously, not wanting to overburden your senses.

Indeed, it is the tangy zest of fresh oranges. You can practically feel the juice explode in your mouth, moistening your lips and beginning the salivation process. As the forest warmth touches your skin, the smell changes, ever so slightly. Off in the distance, you hear the roar of a tiger.

The passion it evokes in your heart snaps you back into focus, and you realize the tanginess of the orange has become the subtle-sweet flavour of passionfruit. Without the seeds so commonly brought with this flavour, you are left with just the delicious interplay between the zestiness of the orange and the sweetness of the passionfruit, filling your nostrils and exciting your senses.

Then, when it feels like your enjoyment, your experience, can improve no further a final challenger enters the ring. The deliciously tropical, delightfully sweet, flavour of guava fruit. It takes the metaphorical heads of the orange and passionfruit and crashes them together, exploding flavour over itself. 

This is the experience of Naked 100’s Hawaiian Pog, and it is one that you should indulge in at the earliest opportunity.

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