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4 Milkman E-Juices You Have To Try Before 2020

Before 2020 hits, it is time to experiment with some new e-juices. But which brands do you go for? Which e-juices should you try? Fruity or dessert-like? To save you all the hassle, we have four of the best Milkman e-juices you should try before the new year. 



The Best Milkman E-Juices To Try Before 2020


The Milkman Hazel

Who doesn’t love hazelnut with cream and caramel? If you don’t, then this e-juice won’t be for you. But if you do, you’ve found the perfect match. This mouthwatering e-juice has the ideal mix of creamy and flavorful. You’ll get a hit of hazelnut with a milky texture. It’s a great e-juice to try. 


The Milkman Milky O’s

With a strong vanilla creme-filled chocolate wafer hit, you’ll love Milkman Milky O’s. It’s a recreation of your childhood favorite treat (which is perfect for this upcoming Christmas period too) and will provide you with a smooth, yet absorbing taste. It is one you have to try before the year is out. 

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The Milkman Strawberry Churrios

Everyone knows about Milkman’s popular Churrios e-juice. But what happens if you want something more to it? Welcome, Strawberry Churrios! With its perfect balance, you will be able to enjoy the perfect churrios with a sweet strawberry taste. It is like having a dessert every time you vape. 


The Milkman Strudelhaus

While apple strudel is a great dessert, it doesn’t compare to a fresh mixed berry strudel crumble dusted with powdered sugar and rich whipped cream! That’s what you will get when you order yourself a Milkman Strudelhaus. These delicious flavors will make you feel like you have a dessert in your mouth. It’s a kick for your sweet tooth! It’s one of the up-and-coming Milkman e-juices that people are raving about. 

If you’re looking for that dessert and sweet flavor, try one of these Milkman e-juices before 2020 rolls around! 


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