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Best Milkman E-Juice to Try

There are many delicious flavours of Milkman’s e-juice for everyone to enjoy. However, choosing the best is a little more difficult. See how these three contenders might sit atop the throne below:

The Massive Milkman Massacre: Crowning the E-Juice King


Our first contender is the one, the only Blueberry Delight. An explosion of fruity flavours festers and flounders within your mouth as the scintillating and intoxicating hint of cream creeps calmly up from behind. The duo’s impact is fast, sharp and every hit is as intoxicating as the last.

Vape concept. Smoke clouds and vape liquid bottles on dark background.


A strong entry, Raspberry Delight attempts to differentiate itself from the competition by delivering a complete meal in Milkman e-juice form. What is that meal, you ask? Why, only the most desirable, decadent, delicious and dastardly delight; an entire raspberry pie. Gorge yourself in the sweet, sticky pectin and release your inhibitions with the crumbly, crunchy crust. It is only when you refill that you will realize there is no guilt necessary.

Milky O

Last, but certainly not least, Milkman’s Black and white delight. Like Strudelhaus, only two flavours are necessary to needle, nag and nip at your taste buds. But, unlike the former, sweet fresh blueberries are replaced by rich, dark chocolate. The cream remains the same, and the interplay of the two ingredients is enough to have you rushing back for more.

Who Wins our Milkman Massacre? You Decide!

Ultimately, it is not for us to choose the best flavour of e-juice. The decision is personal, so let us know on social media which flavour gets you going! We look forward to hearing from you, and feel free to choose a flavour we don’t compare too!

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