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Best Naked 100 E-Juice You Should Try

Naked 100 e-juices are some of the most popular vaping flavors in Calgary. The brand is renowned for its stunning mixture of flavors and its ability to craft something amazing out of nothing. Next time you’re in a vape shop in Calgary, consider buying a Naked 100 e-juice.

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But with so many options available to you, what is your best choice? Which e-juice should you try? While you can try the best Naked e-juices from this list, we are thinking outside the box. That is why we did the hard work for you and have four of the must-try Naked 100 e-juices for you.

The Four Naked 100 E-Juices You Have To Try

Hawaiian Pog

This passion fruit, orange and guava concoction tastes exactly like a freshly-squeezed Hawaiian cocktail. While the passion fruit will take most of the flavor, the presence of the orange will be evident, and the smooth taste of the guava will follow right through. You will get a nice balance of sharpness (passion fruit and orange) and sweetness (the guava). It will be one of the best fruity e-juices available for you, thanks to its clean and natural vape.

Very Berry 

If you want that hit of berry in your vape, then the Very Berry is for you. A mixture of blueberry, blackberry and lemon mix, you’ll get a hit of flavor that tastes perfect. The blueberry and blackberry add a level of tartness to the vape, but it’s the lemon that levels out the flavor. There is an equal balance of flavors, so its a e-juice that you have to try.

Berry Belts

Don’t let the name get you: this Naked 100 e-juice is a candy hit as opposed to a fruity one. You will get a combination of strawberry candy and citrus flavors, mixing sweetness and sharpness. The sweet strawberry will be the first flavor you’ll taste, but you will be compliment with the citrus mixture afterwards.  Both key elements are nicely captured, so if you want the candy sugar hit, this is for you.

Frost Bite 

Time for the menthol mixture. Frost Bite is excellent thanks to its pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew melon mix with its menthol hit. A little different to the Brain Freeze e-juice, Frost Bite has that smooth icy-cool hit when you vape with a bit of a stronger fruity vapor. It’s balanced out nicely, especially with the honeydew melon. It’s a great combination that you should try.

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