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New E-Juice Flavours You Need to Try

There are always new vape flavors being made readily available to customers. But with so many new additions coming to vape shops in Calgary, it can be difficult to nail down which new ones you should try and taste. Thankfully, here are some of the best ones available that you should get your hands on in 2019!

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The Newest E-Juices Flavors You Must Try

The Milkman: Crispy Churros 

Who doesn’t love a fantastic Spanish churro? Who doesn’t enjoy the sweet dessert vape taste in their mouth? Well, that is what you’re going to get with the Milkman e-juice Churrios. This unbelievable sweet dessert vape tastes like a stunningly fantastic churro – fried, crispy with that hint of cinnamon sugar. If you’re looking for a dessert flavor, then this is for you.

The Naked 100: The Green Blast 

Are you dying to try a mix of delicious flavors that can bring your tongue to life? Then it is time to consider looking towards the Naked 100 e-juice Green Blast! You will get a tart and sweet blend of green fruits flavors, including crisp kiwis, tart green apples, and heavenly honeydew melons. Together with a dash of rich cream, and you get a complimentary blend of amazing flavors. You have to experience this miraculous masterpiece today!

VaporFI: Robust Red Leaf Tobacco 

If you are yearning for that trusted and traditional tobacco flavor, then the American Red Tobacco E-Liquid by VaporFi is for you. You will get to experience a uniquely robust authentic-tasting vape. Straight away, you will be able to taste the richness of the tobacco, putting you in flavor country. When it comes to the perfect tobacco blended e-juice flavor, this one should be added to your collection.

Beard Vape: The Chai-Latte Tan 

Feel like going out for a coffee, but don’t really want a coffee? With Beard Vape Tan, you get the coffee-hangout experience with a Chai Latte flavor. With its big, bold flavor, you will feel like you’re sitting around drinking your own tasty beverage. With undertones of cinnamon, clove and honey, it’s like having a coffee date any time you want!

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