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The Different Types of Vape Brands

There can be a lot of comfort in finding a vape brand that you like. Having confidence in the devices and e-liquids that you purchase is important, as you want to feel secure knowing that you’ll have a fun vape experience.


The number of vape brands to choose from when you first begin can feel overwhelming, so we’re here to share some of our favourites.


Different Vape Brands To Choose From


Twelve Monkeys

While emerging onto the market only seven years ago, this award-winning Canadian vape company has made a name for itself. 


This is a vape brand that puts all its focus on e-liquids, and it shows. Twelve Monkeys’ flavours are mouthwatering, so if you’re looking for a fruit-infused experience, this isn’t a bad way to go. If you want a strawberry/watermelon/kiwi combo or a lovely peach/citrus duo, Twelve Monkeys has you covered.



As a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, this company is all about the mechanics behind vaping. 

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Their coils are particularly notable, with each style emphasizing different aspects of the vaping experience. For example, the Aspire Breeze coil was designed to produce a rich, cool vapour, while the Aspire Cleito coil helps to increase the flavour of your e-liquid.



We return to the realm of e-liquids with this incredibly innovative company.


As their name suggests, Milkman’s e-liquids contain a signature milky base that are complemented with a selection of dessert flavours. From churro to warm toasted fruit tart milkshake, there is sure to be at least one flavour that’ll pique your interest.


(For our flavour recommendations, go here!)



Smok takes research and development seriously, so you can trust their products are worth the investment. Known for its focus on innovation, this company delivers quality devices. 


A notable piece of equipment is the Smok tank. One of the best products on the market, this is sure to bring your vaping experience to a whole new level.


Finding a vape brand- or several- that you like can be a bit of adventure. However, taking the time to fine-tune each aspect of your device and e-liquids will result in a more customized experience!


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