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What is a Box Mod For E-Cigs?

If you’re a vaper, you’re probably heard the name before: “box mod”. You might be a little confused about it and how it relates to e-cigs. Is it just another vaporizer? Why is it different? What is unique about it? This guide to box mods in Canada will answer all the key questions you’ve been dying to ask.

Everything You Need To Know About Box Mods In Canada 

What Is A Box Mod In Canada? 

A box mod is an e-cigarette that has an internal battery or space for an external battery. It works just like a regular vaporizer, but is bigger in size and gets its name because of their box-like shape. In terms of customization, it is hands down the ultimate vaporizer to get at a vape shop in Calgary.

Why Do People Like Box Mods So Much? 

The main reason that people tend to get box mods over regular vaporizers is that they have a longer battery life, which, in turn, means usage out of the e-juice. It can last about a day without having to recharge, while smaller ones might need a charge every few hours. At the same time, a larger discharge of power means a stronger hit of smell and bigger vapors. 

How Does It Work With E-Juices? 

Depending on the size of your box mod, you will be able to support much larger tanks of e-juice, which means more vaping for you, and less time refilling your e-juice. It’s a time saver and can help you with a more comfortable experience. 

Are There Any Advantages Of Box Mods Over Regular Vaporizers? 

Due to the size of box mods in Canada, you will notice that they are more durable, and have additional space for an external battery if needed. They also come in an array of different colors and styles, so you can get funky with it if you want! You can also control and regulate the vaping temperature, thus giving you a different vaping experience each time. 

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