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What Makes Milkman E-Juice so Popular?

The wide world of e-juices has such a vast host of flavours that declaring any one brand or flavour “popular” is quite hard to do. Of course, with great opportunity and selection comes the dizzying problem of trying to choose the best ones and declare your personal favourites. Therefore, the best way for you to choose is through a painstaking process of trial and error.

Barring that, however, you can instead look online for user reviews and promotions that might lead you to a higher quality of products. For instance. The Milkman e-juices, which are a long-time crowd favourite. This manufacturer makes high quality, tasty e-juices that delight the senses and enrapture the mind. Today, you can learn about three of their core offerings and perhaps entice yourself into trying them out the next time you visit a Calgary vape shop.

3 Fantastic Milkman E-Juice Flavours

The Milkman

The flagship product. The mainstay flavour. The Milkman e-juice is a delicious concoction that reminds you of being a small child, sitting down to eat breakfast. You remember the day was special as your parents had some new and tantalizing pastries laid out. The thin golden-brown layers lay atop one another like a maze, and perhaps you can still remember the pleasant heft of the pastry as you took it, still warm, from atop the plate. A single bite introduced the rich, full taste of myriad berries and fruits with a vein of sweet vanilla coasting along underneath. 

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Little Dipper

Little Dipper e-juice may remind you of the infinite stars and galaxies above us, but certainly, it will bring you back to a more earthly realm with its delicious flavour profiles. Sugar cookies upon sugar cookies! This e-juice is full of that sugary sweetness, but just as it becomes overpowering, the mild and smooth taste of creamy milk washes through, and you smile indulgently. 

Black and White Delight (Milky Os)

Milky O’s have a fantastic name and delicious cookies and cream flavour to match. The Milkman achieves a perfect blend of creamy richness with sweet chocolatey goodness. Indulge yourself with this e-juice all on its own, or double up with the real deal for a sensory combination that is sure to rock your socks off! Plus, with a great VG blend (a signature of all Milkman products), the Black and White Delight will have you feeling good all day, every day. 

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