4 Milkman E-Juices You Have To Try Before 2020

Before 2020 hits, it is time to experiment with some new e-juices. But which brands do you go for? Which e-juices should you try? Fruity or dessert-like? To save you all the hassle, we have four of the best Milkman e-juices you should try before the new year.      The Best Milkman E-Juices To […]

12 Monkeys E-Juice – 5 Flavors To Try This Year

2019 is almost over. But before the new year rolls around, you should get out to your local Calgary vape shop. Why? To squeeze in as many of these 12 Monkey e-juice flavors. Who knows? One of them could be your new favorite in 2020.  5 Twelve Monkey E-Juices To Try Before 2020 Tropika Perhaps […]

Naked 100 E-Juice: What Makes The Brand So Special

There are e-juices, and then there are Naked 100 e-juices. The former is just another bottle on the shelf; the latter is a quality summed-up in a jar.  So what makes Naked 100 such a popular brand for vapers? Why do people love it so much? Why is it one of the most in-demand e-juices […]