What Are the Parts of a Vape?

A good vape shop in Calgary strives to inform anyone who walks in about how vapes work. For instance, understanding the various parts of a vape is an important nugget of vaping knowledge. Yet, only some understand how each piece plays an integral role in being able to vape and the vaping experience. Understand each […]

How Much is a Coil in Vape?

Vape shop Calgary: How much is a vape coil? As vapes have swelled in popularity amongst many demographics, it seems as though prices may have grown as well. Vaping is a smoking alternative that is healthier and sometimes cheaper. These devices are convenient to use and have on hand for those actively trying to kick […]

What Is A Vape Shop?

A Calgary vape shop has many purposes, not the least of which is getting you prepared for the enjoyable hobby of vaping. There are many different services that a Calgary vape shop can offer, including: Services Offered by Calgary Vape Shops Vape Coils and Kits Vaping isn’t just about smoking and trying different flavours of […]

4 Things To Look For In A Vape Shop In Calgary

Are you looking for a new vape shop in Calgary? Or perhaps you want to try it for the first time and don’t know where to go? What do you look for? These four factors will help you with your decision.    The Four Things That Make A Vape Shop In Calgary Stand Out    […]

3 Main Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

While still new on the market compared to traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs) offer smokers a healthier, more flavorful cost-effective option. You will be surprised to know that the little changes can make a difference. To expand on these points, take a read below:  1 – E-Cigs Actually Help With Quitters Quitting smoking is […]

What is a Box Mod For E-Cigs?

If you’re a vaper, you’re probably heard the name before: “box mod”. You might be a little confused about it and how it relates to e-cigs. Is it just another vaporizer? Why is it different? What is unique about it? This guide to box mods in Canada will answer all the key questions you’ve been […]

Everything You Need To Know About E-Juice in Calgary

E-Juice is in hot demand in Calgary. With the rise in vaping and e-cigs in Calgary, it is only natural that e-juice would become popular. But what do we know about this liquid? How Does E-Juice Liquid Work? E-Juice is the tobacco equivalent of e-cigarettes. It works when the e-cig warms up the liquid which […]

Top 5 Naked E-Juice Flavors

Naked 100 is one of the most popular e-juice brands in vape shops. People love their vast array of flavors with a range of menthol, fruity, tobacco, cream-based and candy e-juices. But what is the best of the best? We have five naked e-juice flavors that you’ll love. Brain Freeze A menthol flavor that vapers […]

Why Vape Shops Are a Place for Socializing

Just like there are cigar bars and smoking lounges, there are also vape shops. While vaping does not have the same popularity as cigars and cigarettes, it is becoming a popular option for many people. And when things become popular, people start to socialize about it, which is precisely what is happening at Calgary vape […]